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ROTC Coverage Added Recently

  • 6 October 2022 "Oil & War" by Paul Mawn '63. 
  • 4 October 2022 Yale News article "Navy ROTC and veteran-friendly campus earn a national salute".  Note: "The Pentagon recently singled out Yale University and the Yale Naval ROTC program for a major national award — the U.S. Department of Defense Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Partnership Excellence Award for 2021-2022." 
  • 25 May 2022 Harvard Gazette article "Newly minted military officers warned of global threats to democracy".  Note:  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, was the speaker and spoke of threats from Russia and China. Eight graduates were commissioned, with greater numbers in the classes to come reflecting the increased numbers of ROTC students during the Bacow administration.
  • 25 May 2022 Harvard Magazine article "To Serve Better Thy Country and Thy Kind".  Note:  The keynote speak, Chaiman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ge. Mark Milley reminded graduates of the need to avoid war, saying "We lost 58,000 Americans in eight weeks, the summer of 1944. That’s great power war."

Older material added recently:

  • 1 March 2018 Yale Daily News article "Mixed feelings on lack of ROTC course credit".  Note:  "Yale College still does not offer credit for almost all ROTC courses. According to Commander of Yale’s Air Force ROTC unit Colonel Tom McCarthy, first-year and sophomore air force cadets spend about two and a half hours of their week in academic courses, including a leadership lab, as well as two hours in physical fitness programs. Juniors and seniors spend another three hours in academic courses, meaning they spend at least seven and a half hours on ROTC each week. Like Yale College courses, Air Force ROTC courses assign readings and papers and administer quizzes and finals in addition to the actual course time. Navy ROTC has a similar schedule... But Yale College students receive credit only for history professor Paul Kennedy’s course —Military History of the West since 1500, which is open to all undergraduates — during their sophomore year... Air Force Cadet John Slife ’19 said his Air Force ROTC courses, which are not necessarily the same in content or structure as Navy ROTC courses, are more difficult and time consuming than many of his Yale College courses."

Previous material on the sites can be reached using the links on the sidebar.  Please contact us if you have more links to add.