Statement from Princeton VP Robert K. Durkee on Course Credit for ROTC

15 May 2009

The pertinent provision from the 1972 agreement between Princeton University and the Secretary of the Army is as follows:

It is mutually understood and agreed as follows:

That academic credit applicable toward graduation will be given for successful completion of those academic courses taught by the institution which are part of the Army ROTC curriculum; and that academic credit for military professional subjects will be judged by the institution under the same procedure and criteria as for other institutional courses.

The first clause says that students will receive academic credit for any regular courses “taught by the institution” that are accepted by the Army as part of the ROTC curriculum. The fact that a regular course qualified for ROTC credit would not in any way affect the provision of academic credit for that course.

The second clause says that in the case of courses not taught by the University (“military professional subjects” taught by ROTC instructors), academic credit will be determined by the faculty, as is the case for any other courses. The second clause was worded as it was at the request of the Army in the interest of minimizing the differences between the language of the Princeton agreement and the language of agreements at institutions where academic credit was granted. The University was willing to accommodate the Army’s request, but with the clear understanding of all parties to the agreement that credit would not be provided at Princeton.

This agreement has now been in place and adhered to by both parties for 37 years. We are proud of the students who have participated in ROTC at Princeton and who have gone on to serve our country.

Robert K. Durkee
Vice President and Secretary
Princeton University

This statement was provided by VP Durkee to Advocates for ROTC and made public with his permission.  The full text of the 1972 Princeton-Army agreement is available at this link.