A Letter by Caspar W. Weinberger '38

    Harvard College refuses to permit or fund ROTC programs because "The military is not in compliance with Harvard's policy forbidding discrimination based on sexual orientation."

    Run that sentence by us again - "The military is not in compliance with Harvard's policy…", now Harvard is a great school but is it really so superior to the United States military that it can refuse to allow students who wish to have military training to receive that training and even though that training is wholly voluntary and is funded by contributions from alumni?

    Harvard students are free to study all manner of anti-government and so-called "peace" projects paid for by the University, but if they wish to have military training they must go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus some distance away, so as not to sully Harvard's Yard by association with training for the U.S. government institution which, among other things, has the responsibility for keeping us all safe and free.

    Harvard should be aware that under the law of the United States (Public Law#104-208, 1996), it is at least placing at serious risk many federal funds including federal grants for student aid, if the Secretary of Defense determines (as he hardly can fail to do) that Harvard has a "policy" that prevents the establishment and operation of an ROTC unit.

    Someone at the Law School might want to consider that.

Caspar Willard Weinberger '38 is vice-chairman of Forbes.  He served as Secretary of Defense from 1980-1987.  Just released: Casper Weinberger's Autobiography, "In The Arena: A Memoir of the 20th Century" (Regnery Publishing) provides the unique perspective of one who participated in the making and shaking of history. It could also be titled "Lessons of War and Peace from a Lifelong Public Servant. 
- David Clayman

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