ROTC Commissioning Ceremony 2003

HARVARD YARD, 4 June 2003 --  Harvard's graduating ROTC cadets and midshipmen received their military commissions in Harvard Yard's Tercentenary Theatre this morning in a ceremony in which Harvard's President Lawrence H. Summers spoke.  Of the 52 cadets and midshipmen at Harvard, 9 were graduating and being commissioned this year.  In a parallel ceremony in Harvard's Faculty Club, a further two graduates received Marine commissions. 
    LTC Brian L. Baker, Professor of Military Science at MIT spoke of his vision of Harvard ROTC to be "recognized as the single best leader development program in the Nation".  Captain Conrad J. Donahue, Professor of Naval Science at MIT and COL Paul M. Rojko, Professor of Aerospace Studies at MIT also participated.
    President Summers spoke of the centrality of ROTC to Harvard's mission: "There are no Harvard students who are graduating this year of whom I am more proud... Harvard aspires to train leaders of our country. People in key positions in the military are leaders of our country whether in war or in peace. That's why the opportunity that our university is able to provide to these students, in close cooperation with MIT, is something that is really very important to our mission as a university."
    Commander Roger C. Taylor '53 USN (Ret.) congratulated the newly commissioned officers and spoke of the priorities of leaders to remember their conscience and beware of the illusions of technology.
    MG Robert C. Davenport USA (Ret) '44 presented an award on behalf Advocates for Harvard ROTC and the Harvard ROTC Alumni Fund to Ensign Jeffrey C. Munns '03 for his leadership role among ROTC trainees and members of the "National Defense Forum" student group, which he headed. 
    Receiving commissions were Ensign Taylor A. Banks, Ensign E. Rebecca Gantt, Ensign David G. Germakian, Ensign John M. Harrington, Ensign Jeffrey C. Munns, Ensign Victoria O. Santana, Second Lieutenant Stacie K. Persons and Second Lieutenant Alexis M. Presti.  Cadet Michael A. Zacchilli also participated, and will be commissioned in August.
    The Marine Commissioning was led by BG Douglas V. O'Dell and Captain Booz M. Moise.  Harvard Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences William C. Kirby addressed the group.  Receiving commissions were Second Lieutenants Forbes Reynolds McPherson and Duncan Andrew French.

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Oath Summers Santana
Davenport Munns Summers Graduates
Munns Pinning Marine Second Lieutenants Kirby


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