ROTC Commissioning Ceremony in Harvard Yard

President Summers Speaks

HARVARD YARD, 5 June 2002 --  Harvard's graduating ROTC cadets received their military commissions in a ceremony held in Harvard Yard's Tercentenary Theatre this morning in a ceremony in which Harvard's President Lawrence H. Summers spoke.  Of the 45 ROTC students at Harvard, three were graduating and were commissioned as 2LT Charles B. Cromwell, 2LT Sean D. McGrath and 2LT Brian R. Smith.  

LTC Brian L. Baker, Professor of Military Science at MIT spoke of his vision of Harvard ROTC to be "recognized as the best university leader development program in the Nation".  He introduced President Summers, noting "Harvard University has been front and center of national media coverage in recent months vis-à-vis ROTC.  Let me set the record straight.  President Larry Summers and Dean Harry Lewis have done more for ROTC in the past 12 months than any leader at Harvard in the past 40 years.  Harvard ROTC student participation has nearly doubled in their time."

President Summers spoke of the importance of the ROTC cadets to the Harvard community and the nation:  "we venerate at this university—as we should—openness, debate, the free expression of ideas, as central to what we are all about and what we should be. But we must also respect and admire moral clarity when it is required as in the preservation of our national security and the defense of our country.  All of us admire those many graduates of this university who have served in our country’s armed forces. They deserve our respect and our admiration, never more than at this present moment in our country’s history."

Captain Robert M. Leverone '52 USN (Ret.) congratulated the newly commissioned officers and spoke of their new responsibilities. 

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President Summers speaking Charles Cromwell being sworn-in by his grandmother
Brian Smith being sworn-in by his brother MAJ Curran and 2LT Cromwell receiving awards
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