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Advocates for Columbia ROTC press release - 21 January 2004

Recent advances have been made at Columbia University with regard to the university's relationship with and support for the Reserve Officers Training Corps, the U.S. Military's officer training course for college students.  Cadets at Columbia are now able to apply for and receive Registration Credit (R Credit) for their participation in ROTC. This credit does not factor into the students' GPA, but does allow the course to be listed on the transcripts alongside the Cadets other college courses. In addition to this, Columbia now offers information regarding available ROTC programs through a new website, located at It provides detailed descriptions of the Army, Air Force, and Marine PLC programs, as well as links to their official respective websites.
A Navy ROTC existed at Columbia until 1969 when it was dissolved amid protests against the Vietnam War. More detailed information about the history of Columbia's NROTC program may be found at
ROTC courses are now offered to Columbia students through Fordham University (Army ROTC) and Manhattan College (Air Force ROTC).
Students United for America was formed in the wake of Sept. 11th. It is a pro-America, non-partisan student activist group devoted to promoting patriotism, unity and diversity within the Columbia community.
Advocates for Columbia ROTC was formed out of the efforts of Students United for America to work towards the return of ROTC to Columbia's campus 3 decades after its removal in 1969. Its goal is to sustain and improve recognition of and support for Columbia's Cadets and the ROTC programs associated with the University.
Contact information -
Sean L. Wilkes, Chairman Advocates for Columbia ROTC, Exec VP SU4A
6254 Lerner Hall NY NY 10027-8364

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