Subject: Thanks
Date: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 5:59 PM
From: M Foss
To: Sean Wilkes; Scott Stewart; Eric Chen; Michael Segal
Cc: Prof. Allan Silver

I just want to say a quick word of thanks to everyone for responding to my concerns about bringing ROTC back to Columbia, and especially for the effort that everyone put into their emails. I know that this is a busy week for all of you with finals approaching, so I appreciate the time that you have put into this.
Your comments and responses have helped to assure me about the feelings of opposition felt by Advocates for ROTC regarding the military's policy on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. While I would still advocate for a different course of action regarding the return of ROTC to Columbia, such as what I outlined in my last email, I am at least more comfortable with what is happening and with those involved with the attempt to return ROTC to Columbia.
If my comments offended or were off base, I do apologize. It certainly was not my intent to do anything other than engage in a dialogue and to make a dissenting voice heard. Being very involved with Columbia and caring a great deal what goes on at the University, even from Midtown, I sometimes react quite strongly to developments at Columbia.
Regarding Professor Silver's email, you're welcome to do what you will with my comments if you think that others would be interested. I find it somewhat hard to believe that they would be helpful - they are certainly not well written or argued. I would prefer that you take out my comments relating to your handout to the Senate of April 15. While I still find the content of this memo quite offensive, upon reflection I think that it is more due to a poor choice of words and argument than what you were actually trying to say. However, I consider emails property of the recipient, so do what you will with them.
Best of luck with exams and your goals,