Subject: Re: Concerns about ROTC
Date: Monday, May 02, 2005 6:32 PM
From: Scott Stewart
To: M Foss
Cc: Sean Wilkes; Eric Chen; Michael Segal; Prof. Allan Silver

Hey Michael,

I appreciate the email, and I'm glad that we have another opportunity to talk.  I'd like to point out that what we are doing through these discussions is educating each other, and that that should be respected above all else.

Michael, you made some very solid arguments. As a gay man and a student on this campus, I can understand on a very personal level every point you made.  I'm not here, however, to get into another long email debate with you.  I'd much rather let you know that I hear what you are saying, and feel just as strongly (if not more strongly) than you do about ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  You feel as if a certain path must be taken to end it, and I feel otherwise.   No one should be foolish enough to think they know which solution is best. So we should leave it at that.

No one from the group thinks homosexuality is akin to a disability.  If they did, I wouldn't be a member.  Every single member of this group has tried - and more than most men and women I've known - to put themselves in the shoes of gay students and soldiers.  In my book, their efforts have proven to me a true dedication to ending DADT.  The only thing this group is guilty of is knowing that the world is a much different place outside of this little gated community here in Morningside Heights.  The majority of the membership are card carrying liberals who understand the sacrifices that must be made in order to effect change.  I will always be grateful to them for that.

Again, thanks for your comments.  This has been a lively debate and an emotionally charged one at that!  Take care.

Scott Stewart
General Studies, 2007