Military Recruiting at Barnard's Activities Fair 2007

Feldmeier manning table
Oh visiting table
Hamiliton Society table

McINTOSH STUDENT CENTER, BARNARD COLLEGE On Wednesday, January 24th, 2007, Hamilton Society, the Columbia student group for ROTC cadets and Marine officer candidates, participated in the Barnard Student Government Association's winter/spring activities fair with recruiting literature for the local USMC PLC, Air Force ROTC, and Army ROTC programs.

The table was manned by Army cadet Elizabeth Feldmeier, Marine officer candidate Austin Byrd, and Eric Chen.  Hamilton Society President Riaz Zaidi supplied the Army ROTC materials, Air Force cadet Pete Brennan supplied the Air Force ROTC materials, and Marine officer candidate Phil Chan supplied the USMC PLC materials.  The activities fair was lightly attended with approximately 20 clubs represented.  There were no protests, the DADT issue was not raised, and there were no problems from school administrators.  One school administrator picked up a Hamilton Society pamphlet, and commented that a former student she advised applied to USUHS and another dropped out of ROTC due to the difficulty of attending a cross-town program.  Other passers-by took a few Army ROTC pens, along with perhaps three Hamilton Society pamphlets and a USMC PLC brochure. A few more students took note and talked amongst themselves about the Hamilton Society table.

Participation by the Hamilton Society in the Barnard activities fair, however modest the event, represented the on-going mission of the Hamilton Society to actively engage the greater Columbia University community on civil-military issues and inform students about military career options.
Account and photos by Eric Chen.

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